Welcome to Ms. Salisbury's class Chargers!

Family and Consumer Science is so much more than an Elective! FCS teaches students life skills! Within the FCS department at KR, students have the opportunity to obtain knowledge that will help them become well rounded adults in society. Welcome to the real world :)

My goal for the students in my classroom is to obtain and withhold the ultimate experience of Respect. All of my classes have students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12; which means I have ages 14 through 18 in every single period. From the beginning I expect my students to keep this in mind when they are working with those around them. My classroom is built on a community that must be able to work together, and to do this, we must all feel as though we are equals. I take in to consideration every student's abilities when planning activities to help balance out each and every cooperative group. Because of this, I have had great success in maintaining a positive atmosphere that is absolutely Respected, Trustworthy and Fun to be a part of!

Ms. Salisbury is Currently teaching:
  • Creative Cooking (CC)
  • Foods and Fitness (FF)
  • Careers with Children (CWC)

Pay it Forward Club is now up and running. If you are interested in becoming part of a club that will make a difference by giving back to others, please meet us in Room E1 on Tuesdays, from 2:20-3:00. Advisors are Ms. Salisbury and Mrs. Hill

Please feel free to email me with questions you might have. If you are looking for something specific, please check the Documents bar to the left.