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*I will be updating the lessons and adding them to TEAMS as assignments next week!  No Lessons for the rest of this week.  Please work on the ones I have already posted on this site and check TEAMS on Monday.  Lessons will now be assigned on TEAMS only. 

*Check the Calendar*

Welcome to Mr. Taylor's Orchestra class website!  

From here you can access The following:

  • Weekly Lessons for 5th and 6th graders:  Lessons by Mr. Taylor during school closure 3/16 - to the end of the year*
  • Music Lessons Videos:  Links to videos by Mr. Taylor supplementing the weekly lessons
  • Orchestra class documents:  Lesson worksheets, flashcards, practice records, Notices to Parents
  • Outside Links to learning resources:  external websites, video/audio recordings
  • The Orchestra Calendar:  Upcoming events related to Mr. Taylor's orchestra classes
  • My Contact Information

*All 5th and 6th grade lessons are arranged in the same sequence as your book.  The calendar and dates are just a guide.  You should master each lesson before moving to the next.  Some lessons will require an understanding of previous lessons in order to complete.