Exploration Activities


Check Out the Library of Congress

  • Take one of the LOC online modules here to learn more about what they have to offer or best practices for using primary sources with students.
  • Read here for more information about using primary sources in the classroom.
  • Look for a useful or interesting entry in the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources blog.

Learn More about the Value of Primary Sources

  • Read here for an interesting overview of historical thinking and the rationale behind the Reading Like a Historian curriculum.
  • Look here to see how primary sources connect to the CCSS.

Find a Lesson

Plan a Lesson for Yourself

  • Look at the classroom materials to find resources that connect to upcoming curricular units. 
  • Search the Library of Congress catalog for resources that connect to upcoming units. Start here for some guidance.
  • (Elementary librarians, check here for a list of the new Expeditionary Learning modules)