Writing PowerPoint

PowerPoint Project

All About Me

Slide 1           Your Name

Replace the prompts below with your answers in complete sentences, with periods and capitals:

  • Name a favorite something.
  • Name something you enjoy doing on your own time as a hobby or activity.
  • What are your parent’s names and your siblings’ names?
  • What are your pets, and their names?
  • What was the last book you read, or a favorite book?
  • Tell one thing you did in the summer or a place you went.
  • Try to insert a picture of you on this first slide. It’s okay to have your parent help you if you need to.


Slide 2    

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be…

  • Post a picture here of what animal you would be.


Slide 3

When I Grow Up I Might Like To Be A…

  • Post a picture here of what you might like to be when you grow up.


Slide 4

Something I Am Good At…

  • Post a picture here of an activity you are good at.


 Slide 5

Something I Wish I Was Better At…

Post a picture here of something you wish you were better at.


Slide 6

If I Had A Superpower, It Would Be…

Try to find a picture you can post here that shows the superpower you would choose. If you can’t find a picture that works, you can tell it in a sentence.

If I had this superpower, what I would choose to do with it is…