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To contact me:  or call 253-373-2621

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  I have taught here at Horizon Elementary since the school opened in 1990.  Besides being a second grade teacher, I am also a mother of four children, and I am kept quite active with their various activities. My hobbies include reading and dancing.






HOMEWORK:  On Mondays I will send home a packet that will be your child's homework for the week. It will include spelling words, math practice pages and a reading record form, so that your child can graph the minutes that they read at home.   Please review  the homework with your child, sign it and I will collect it on Fridays.   In addition, please have your child write a sentence that includes two of their spelling words in their spelling spiral.  They will be asked to write one of their sentences that they remember for their spelling test.

 I will be using the Standards Based Reporting System, and I will be giving your child a score 1 through 4 on their graded assignments.

1-Below Basic Standard: Student has very little understanding of concept

2-Basic standard: Student has some understanding of concept

3-Proficient: Student understands concept with some errors

4-Advanced: Student completely understands concept with no errors


DISCIPLINE: We follow the Honorable Hawks Code. Students who make good behavior choices are rewarded with Bonus Bucks.  Students who make poor behavior choices may have to 

BIRTHDAYS:  We celebrate birthdays at the end of the day.  If you would like to bring in treats for your child’s birthday please feel free to do so. Currently there are twenty –three students in our class. Please send in enough treats for all of my students. Thank you!


BOOK ORDERS:  On occasion, I will send home book orders.  Please make out a check or money order to the book club by the due date if you would like to order books for your child.


My goal is to provide a safe, enriching learning environment where your child can explore, feel successful and achieve to their highest potential.