Behavior Management System

  In my classroom we use a clip system for students who are going above and beyond as an honorable hawk and for students who need a little reminder of their behavior. At Horizon we use common language with what is called the Honorable Hawk Code. Every clip move up or down in directly related to the Honorable Hawk Code. Here is the code just in case you have not seen it. 

Honorable Hawk Code

At Horizon we use kind words and actions. 

At Horizon we keep our school safe and clean. 

At Horizon we solve problems respectfully.

At Horizon we follow directions.

At Horizon we do our best. 


All students start on "Ready to Fly" at the beginning of the day. Based on their behavior they can move up and down the clip chart. I try my best to notice as much positive behavior as possible. A great example of moving their clip up would be helping a friend, cleaning up a mess that they didn't make, constantly ready to learn on the carpet sitting in check position, doing their best, and much much more. However, if there is a student I have had to remind multiple times of the correct behavior I will ask them to move their clip down to the "Warning". This spot is exactly as it sounds. This is a gently reminder that the behavior needs to change and if it doesn't they could possible be asked to move it down again to the "Danger Zone". Unfortunately, in the "Danger Zone" students will lose  part of their recess or free choice depending on what time of day. Each student will have a sticker chart and at the end of the day if students are on either "Warning", "Ready to Fly" or "Soaring" they will receive 1 sticker on their chart. If the student finishes the day on "Superhero Status" they would receive 2 stickers on their chart. Students who end the day on "Danger Zone" will not receive a sticker for the day. After students have 10 stickers on their chart they get to dip in the treasure box that has all sorts of fun toys (bouncy balls, bracelets, toy cars, toy bugs, book marks, stickers, bubbles, rings etc.). If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask. 

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