Hello!! Welcome to 4th grade!!

I am so excited to meet you and I am so excited to have you in my class. We are going to be doing a lot of work this year. We are going to be using a lot of multiplication strategies, using some division strategies, learning a new way to do addition and subtraction...and that is just for math!

We are truly readers in this class, I encourage all students to READ READ READ! Students are to read 30 minutes at home, and 30 minutes in the classroom. Research shows that students who read for at least 1 hour every day, will maintain their reading level as well as accelerate their reading level.

Have a question about a book? Or should my student be reading this book? Have the student do a 5 finger test. Students read the first page of their book, and if they have 0 or 1 mispronounced word then it is a good fit.  It will be a fun, fast and easy read for the student, which is what we want. If a student has 2 or more mispronounced words, then they are not ready for that book yet.