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Karen Martin    

Mrs. Martin has been teaching music for over 30

years.  She has taught instrumental, choral and                                

general music.  She conducts two community choirs,

the Evergreen Women's Chorale and Vocina, a choir

of 2nd and 3rd graders, part of the Rainier Youth Choirs

She is the teacher for the Kent Elementary Music Academy,

providing instruction in mariachi, steel drums, honor choir and

class piano.






Classroom Teacher Names                                                                                                                                              


Ms. Milne - Grade 1 Dual Language


Ms. Sanchez - Grade 1 Dual Language


Ms. Hernandez - Grade 2 Dual Language  
Ms. Kim - Grade 2   
Mrs. Smith - Grade 2 Dual Language  
Mrs. Sullivan - Grade 2  
Mrs. Wells - Grade 3  
Ms. Mueller-Grade 3 Dual Language  
Mrs. Bement - Grade 3  
Mrs. Wells - Grade 3  
Ms. Kramer-Grade 3/4 Hi Cap  

Mrs. Moss - Grade 4

Ms. Brin - Grade 4  
Mr. Hernandez - Grade 4 Dual Language  
Mrs. Kaur - Grade 4  
5th grade general music  

6th grade choir