Welcome to the Schrammie site.
Since I began teaching the highly capable program here at Kent Elementary, students in my class  have deemed themselves, "Schrammies." I strive to empower my students to become passionate learners. The need to understand how the world works is a motivating force to seeking information.

Educational History: I have been teaching since 1985. I Graduated from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Or with a Bachelor of Science and Education Degree. My first teaching experience was in first grade. I taught in Oregon for two years then married my husband and moved to Fresno, CA where I taught in a high school drop-out recovery program for one year. I quickly returned to the elementary level and worked with fourth graders for nine years. During my time in Fresno, I earned my Masters in both English and Language Arts. In 1996 I moved to the beautiful state of Washington and began teaching in Kent. 

Family: I married my husband in 1987 and have two daughters; my eldest is married and lives in Alaska, and my youngest graduated from University and is in the process of applying for employment in her field. My family enjoys hiking, biking and visiting the ocean. We are always ready to travel into Seattle for cultural events, or head to the Sound for a day by the water and a warm bowl of chowder. Having come from the dry desert we enjoy the many opportunities found around the Puget Sound.