How do I make up a test if I am absent?

     You need to meet with your teacher and discuss a time that is available for you to come in and make it up.  Before school, after school and sometimes lunch.  Homeroom committee is discussing a time during homeroom to allow students to make up assignments and get tutoring, until then talk with your teacher.

How many days do I have to turn in my absent work?

     You have as many days as you were absent to turn in your work.  If you need more time discuss it with your teacher so you won't lose points.

If I am absent am I excused from the work that we did that day?

    No you are not excused!  You need to use the resources that the book offers at www.Pearsonsuccessnet.com.  They have homework videos to teach you all the lessons you missed.  You can use Mr. Chopyak's Website to find important information and resources for the day you missed.

Can I retake any test?

    Look at the syllabus for the specific class, most test you are allowed to retake.

What do I have to do to do a test retake?

    You need to get the retake form that is in Mr. Chopyak's classroom or attached to this website, fill it out and have a parent sign it.  You must make corrections on the missed questions from you test.  Set up a date to take your test with Mrs. Contreras before the end of the next chapter.  Bring your corrections and parent signature to turn in to take the test.