Debora L. Gianola

Language Arts

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University of Washington

Comparative Literature


Who is in power... who manipulates... who exploits... who deceives? Are the centers of power inherently manipulative and are the victims of exploitation inherently innocent? We will explore the issues and social dynamics of the centers of power in society and those who are marginalized due to gender; race; age; religion; regional cultural ideologies; and the ever present socioeconomic realities of poverty. As we explore song lyrics, novels, current events, and powerful non-fiction assertions through the myriad critical lenses that would be considered traditional, we will endeavor to become aware of the lenses we see our world through and consider the lenses of others in a more profound manner.  


What Does America Mean to You?

American Literature

As we explore the impact of literature on our culture, our politics, and the paradigm shifts of human rights, we will see that America has had a significant influence in human expectations, human dreams, and human aspirations. It is appropriate to consider what America means to you while we look at literature that reveals what has been sacrificed for you to have the the many rights that seem commonplace, and are, quite frankly, taken for granted. Let us consider not only what others have given, but what we have to offer, and how we use our skills at literacy to impact those around us in a positive way. To be wise and sophisticated contributors to society, we must also consider how others, especially those in power, use their literacy to deceive. How do we access the truth? 


10th Grade

World Literature

Where did the English language come from? Who were the shakers and movers in literature? How has language taught lessons to generations? What is the purpose of story telling? How do we tell a good story? Why do stories matter? Why are we who we are, how did this happen? These are the many questions that may be answered by exploring world literature. Hopefully we will wrap our heads around why our own capacity to write and tell stories will enable our own power to pass down lessons for generations.