9th Grade Honors

Honors English 9

Summer 2013 Reading List & Assignment


Honors English 9 demands working hard, thinking critically, and analyzing a variety of texts. It requires independence of thought, maturity, and dedication.  Your summer reading and assignment must be completed and submitted on the first day of class. The books and assignment will serve as the basis for discussion and writing in the first weeks of class.  To prepare for the first days of class, you must find, mark with a sticky note, type, and annotate a minimum of ten (10) quotes related to one of the listed themes below for each text.  An annotation includes at least 4-6 sentences of explanation about the significance of the quote chosen – please do not just paraphrase what the quote says but analyze the text, the importance of what is being said and your reaction to the quote.  Prepare a typed copy of your annotations, with page numbers and your selected quotes, and submit on the first day of class.  Additionally, bring your copy of both novels with you on the first day, as well as this assignment sheet.


Example of annotated quotes: Type the quote, the page number and the annotation.

Quotation from the book and page number:                                                           

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife” (1).


Annotation (response):

This is the first sentence of the book.  When I first read it I thought the writer was serious-it seemed like something people might have believed when it was written.  Soon I realized she was making fun of that attitude.  The quote made me feel angry when I first started reading, like I was going to have to read a book about how women were only able to fulfill certain roles in society and I don’t think like that.  I mean, what about what the wife wants?


Summer reading texts:

Night by Elie Weisel

House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros


You must choose 1 theme for each book and complete 10 quotes for each book.

Night (Find 10 quotes for 1 of the following themes)

  1. A major theme which emerges from Night is dehumanization.  Find quotes throughout the novel that show Elie, his family or the inmates becoming dehumanized…OR
  2. Elie struggles to maintain his faith and relationship with God throughout the novel.


House on Mango Street (Find 10 quotes for 1 of the following themes)

  1. Esperanza’s struggle to define herself, OR
  2. How does Esperanza’s environment shape her identity?


You should also know what a linear written novel is and what vignettes are and then think about why each author chose the form that they did.


You may wish to purchase your own copies of these novels (hit the used bookstores!) in order to highlight passages and make notes that will help you with the assignments.  If purchasing these is not a possibility, get copies from the local library. Please note—Students who have not completed the summer reading and/or the assignment due on the first day of school will be unprepared to write the essay.


We look forward to the challenge of the coming year.



Mrs. Susan Best/Mrs. Sarah Wilson/Mrs. Tina Bui

English Honors 9

Kentlake High School