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9/15 Gatsby Cultural Context Activity
cultural context activity.docx
Core English 11September 15, 2014
9/18 Enhanced SSR activity
Enhanced SSR.docx
Core English 11September 18, 2014
Body Size Stereotyping and Internalization of Thin Ideal Article
Internalization of body image in preschool girls.pdf
UW Comparative Literature 240September 30, 2014
Digital citizenship handout
digital citizenship.pdf
September 8, 2014
Economic Inequality Article
income inequality article.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240December 2, 2014
Excerpt from The Rainbow
excerpt from The Rainbow.pdf
UW Comparative Literature 240September 19, 2014
Gatsby Historical & Cultural Context Project
GG historical context project.docx
Core English 11September 11, 2014
Girl Moved to Tears Article
Girl Moved To Tears onion article 2.docx
October 30, 2014
Intergroup Contact Theory Article
intergroup contact theory article.pdf
UW Comparative Literature 240October 28, 2014
UW Comparative Literature 240November 4, 2014
Lit. Circle Task Sheet
Literature Circle Task Sheet.docx
Core English 11September 10, 2014
Narrator Choice Sample
Narrator Choice sample.docx
Core English 11October 1, 2014
Part-Time Indian One Pager Task Sheet
PTI One Pager.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240November 6, 2014
Practice Writing Prompts
Practice Writing Prompts.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240November 5, 2014
PTI/ND Cultural Displacement Project
cultural displacement project.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240November 21, 2014
Public Forum Debate Information
Public Forum Format.pdf
Teacher ResourcesDecember 11, 2016
Public Forum Debate Preparation
Teacher ResourcesDecember 11, 2016
Resume Template
Resume 2013.doc
December 1, 2014
Scams and Schemes
Assmt Gr 9 Scams and Schemes.pdf
September 22, 2014
Self-Selected Novel Literary Analysis
self selected novel literary analysis essay.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240September 18, 2014
TBE Media Analysis 2 Task Sheet
The Bluest Eye Media Analysis 2.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240October 14, 2014
The Bluest Eye Literary Analysis Essay
The Bluest Eye Literary Analysis Essay.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240October 20, 2014
Theme Bookmark - 10th Grade
Theme Bookmark task sheet_2.docx
October 1, 2014
Thesis Statement Examples
thesis statement concept attainment.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240September 24, 2014
UW 240 Portfolio task sheet
comp. lit. 240 portfolio task sheet.docx
UW Comparative Literature 240November 17, 2014