Welcome to the Link Program!

I am Erick Walker and this is my 10th year as the Special Education teacher of the Link Program. Before becoming a teacher, I was a sports reporter for a variety of newspapers both daily and weekly. I still do some freelance writing from time to time for a couple baseball magazines, but my passion is working with the students and the gifted paraprofessionals on a daily basis in the Link Program. This year, unlike any previous, we will beginning the school year remotely. While I can't wait to get back into the classroom and see the students again, working remotely offers its own blend of exciting challenges both for the students and their teachers.


We have three returning paraprofessionals this year -- Mrs. Merrill, Mr. Hartman and Mrs. Robbins. Quite frankly, the Link classroom would not run without them. In a lot of ways, the paraprofessionals are the backbone of what we do and are so, so appreciated.

In the Link classroom, we focus on a variety of academic and non-academic subject areas. A routine day consists of Math, English-Language Arts, Success Skills, Academic Intervention and any support/guidance students might need. Our Success Skills class focuses on a variety of skills, specifically: social-emotional management, task completion, academic intervention, executive functioning skills, working in groups, life skills, thinking patterns, study habits and characteristics that are essential for success in daily life. 

The Link program has students that range from grade 7 through 12. Several of the students who are in the program have been here for several years. One of the most rewarding aspects about the continuity of the program is having the opportunity to watch the same students grow and progress as they get older. Often, after students graduate, they return to visit, which is always enjoyable for the new students to see how former Link students have progressed.

If you have any questions regarding the Link Program, my email is: Erick.Walker@kent.k12.wa.us.



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