Student Resources

New Student Checklist

Welcome! Here are the things you need to get started in Ms. Boston's class.

  • Get invited to/Set up OneNote
  • Review "Ms. Boston's Grading Philosophy" with your parents
  • If you came in after the beginning of the quarter, make sure you discuss which, if any, assignments you need to make up.

How to Use OneNote

  • First, make sure you've been invited to the right notebook! Search your inbox for "Boston, Angela has shared 'P* English **' and make sure you have been invited to the right period. If not, let Ms. Boston know.
  • Access the notebook online first. You can do this by clicking on the link in the email, OR logging in to and selecting the OneNote tile, and then "Shared with me"-- the class notebook should be there!
  • You can navigate OneNote using the online interface, but the program on your computer works best! There should be a button that says "Edit in OneNote" or "Open in OneNote" that will open our class notebook on your computer, and remember it for next time!
  • Once you're in the class notebook, select "Collaboration Space" for group work, "Content Library" for texts and conference schedules, and your own name to see your assignments.
  • Under the section with your name, you'll find the Workspace, where assignments are distributed, a Turn-in Tab for completed assignments, and Mini-Lesson notes, where reference materials will be distributed.

I was absent/not paying attention!

Check "What did we do in class today?" for the entry of the day you were absent!

Why don't I have a grade?

Grades don't do a very good job of explaining how you're doing in class, so I use feedback instead. Skyward does have a record of which assignments are missing, but your grade will be determined at the end of the quarter based on a conversation about your growth in the power standards for the quarter. For more details, see "Ms. Boston's Assessment Philosophy" under Parent Resources.