English Elective Syllabus

English Elective: Course Syllabus

Breanna Sheck, Room 310, Breanna.sheck@kent.k12.wa.us, 253-373-6915.

For individual help, Ms. Sheck is available before and after school by appointment.


Welcome!  Our class will be focused on collaborative learning and critical thinking to increase your overall literacy skills and academic success in high school and beyond.  I am very excited to be working with you this year.  I believe very strongly that your time and your learning is what you make of it, so please show up every day with energy to work hard, a commitment to mutual respect AND a positive attitude—and I promise to do the same!



Mrs. Sheck

Course Description:

This course will be centered on major components of reading development and key reading strategies. The goal is to improve your overall reading skills, and have you successfully apply these skills to your academic and personal life. A variety of texts will be used throughout the course. Texts may include a variety of fiction, nonfiction, novels, short stories, poems, speeches, and plays. Students will engage in reading activities every day of class. Students will interact with reading in whole class, small group, and independent structures.  Students are expected to interact positively and appropriately during each type of reading activity.


Key Strategies for Effective Readers: 

  • Developing reading fluency, read texts with speed & accuracy, recognizing words with automaticity
  • Building personal vocabulary, the words necessary for effective communication
  • Enhancing comprehension, the ability to understand and relate to a variety of texts at a deep level


    • Monitoring comprehension
    • Activating background knowledge
    • Making connections
    • Predicting
    • Asking questions
    • Inferring meaning
    • Determining importance
    • Summarizing
    • Synthesizing
    • Visualizing


Grading:  There will not be homework for this course. While this is a positive feature, the learning in class becomes very important. When you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make up assignments/lessons you miss. Please ask Ms. Sheck if you have questions about how to make up your learning. Use our online classroom resources to assist you.  A student’s grade may consist of smaller classroom assignments and larger end of unit assessments.


Success Tips:  You can expect to be treated with respect.  Let’s do the same for all others in the classroom.  Kindness, common courtesy, and responsibility will take us further on our path of learning.

 Attend Class. Focus on your learning. Ask when you have questions. Choose engagement.

Finally, and most important: this is an inclusive, multicultural classroom. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or discriminatory remarks or behaviors.

 Classroom Expectations:

Computers: Use computers only for school work and other approved tasks.

Cell Phones: Cell phones should be out of sight during class time. Please silence your phone and put it away when you enter the classroom. If you need to access your phone for a personal emergency, please inform Ms. Sheck or the office.

Music: Music can help some people focus. During independent writing time only, music may be acceptable as it does not disrupt your learning or the learning of other students. (volume is low enough that others can’t hear) When listening to music, progress should still be shown with the lesson or assignment.

Food and Drink: It’s hard to learn when you’re hungry! Snacks and beverages will be permitted in class as long as students continue to show maturity and respect for the classroom environment. Please pick up any garbage or mess from a snack or beverage. Beverages other than water should have closed lids to avoid spills.

 Cheating and Plagiarism: Doing your own work is essential. Always properly cite your sources. Do not claim another’s work as your own. Cheating may result in grade penalties and administrative action. Please ask when you have questions.

By signing below, the student agrees to follow the above expectations while in class.

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Student Signature: _____________________________________Date: __________par stay on task