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Upgrades for Monoprice Maker Select v2

Remember: Wanhao Duplicator, Cocoon Create, Malyan M150 and Monoprice Maker Select are all pretty much the same thing.

Thumbwheels & screw cups

Do this first. Makes the bed easier to level and prevents the screws from bowing when compressed. Turning to a higher number raises the bed; turning to a lower number lowers the bed. You will need to purchase 4x M3 nuts to complete this upgrade.

  • YouTube Video: Z-Braces & Thumbwheels
  • Thingiverse: Thumbwheels Note: Print at 103% so they are big enough to fit the nuts. The .gcode file is already scaled to 103%
    • .gcode file for Thumb Wheels: Download
  • Thingiverse: Spring Cups Print at 103% so that there is enough room for the spring in the middle. The .gcode file is already scaled to 103%
    • .gcode file for Spring Cups: Download (11-minute print)


Stabilizes the gantry (z-axis); makes the printer more rigid; allows you to correct any warping of the frame; generally makes the prints more reliable and higher quality.


Summarized from the YouTube video above & instructions on Thingiverse.

You need to purchase or locate the following materials. I got mine from McLendon's Hardware in Kent, but any hardware store (or Amazon) will do.

  • 2x 16" threaded rods @ 5/16" thickness. You will probably need to purchase two 24" rods and cut them down with a hacksaw. Pay attention to what thread you use - coarse or fine. You will need to purchase nuts that match the thread
  • 4x 5/16" nuts. Make sure to match the thread on the nuts with the tread on your rods - fine or coarse.
  • 2x 5/16" lock nuts. Again, make sure the thread on the nuts matches the thread on the rods.
  • At least 20 M3 screws, 10mm or longer. Get Philips and save yourself the headache of using hex wrenches.
  • Hex wrenches included with your machine.
  • Philips screwdriver.