Ms. Cornish

Kr Grad 

About Ms. Cornish: 

I have worked at Kentridge High School in this position for many years. I do enjoy working with the students. I love seeing each student grow and expand as far as they can. Things that interest many of  the students about me are my dogs and knowing that I like to go to the beach. 

On a personal note I have a deep connection to Special Education. I was a Peer Tutor at Kentridge as a student. I have grown up  with a person close to me who is in a wheelchair, she literally was a poster child for a Special needs advocacy group. I have other relatives with significant disabilities. I myself have a disability that I have learned to overcome and for part of my schooling had Special needs classes. I am sharing this so you have a background but my deep belief has and will always be that the a persons disability does not soley make a person.

I will passionately do my best to work with your students and your family. I always believe everyone can be successful.





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