UW 131 (First Semester)

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Audio of "Consider the Lobster"
Audio of Consider the Lobster.docx
Sequence 1September 29, 2017
Bitch by Beverly Gross
Sequence 1October 25, 2017
College Admission Essay PEER EDITING Form
Peer Response Form college admissions essays.docx
College UnitSeptember 26, 2017
College Application Essay Assignment
Essay assignment.docx
College UnitSeptember 21, 2017
College Research Poster Assignment and Rubric
College Research Poster.doc
College UnitSeptember 8, 2017
Essay Checklist
Essay Checklist.pdf
College UnitOctober 4, 2017
Exploding Paragraphs 11/7/17
Exploding Paragraphs.doc
Sequence 1November 7, 2017
How to Cite UW Textbook
citations UW textbook.pptx
Sequence 1November 29, 2017
How to Revise your College Admission Essay and Raise your Grade
College Essay Revision Requirements.doc
October 20, 2017
If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?
If Black English...Baldwin.docx
Sequence 1October 25, 2017
Lobster Rhetorical Analysis Assignment
Rhetorical Analysis Assignment_Wallace_17 FINAL.docx
Sequence 1September 29, 2017
Major Paper One Assignment Sheet
MP1 assignment sheet + rubric.docx
Sequence 1November 9, 2017
Outcomes 2017.docx
October 9, 2017
Outcomes Assignment Sheet
assignment sheet uwhs_outcomes_notes_metaphors_.docx
Outcomes Metaphor AssignmentSeptember 8, 2017
Outcomes Metaphor Rubric
Outcomes Metaphor AssignmentSeptember 7, 2017
Registration Fact Sheet
2017-18 Student Registration Fact Sheet.pdf
Registration Materials for UWSeptember 7, 2017
Registration Form
Registration materials 131.2017.pdf
Registration Materials for UWSeptember 7, 2017
Rhetorical Journal Assignment
Rhetorical Awareness Log.docx
Sequence 1September 18, 2017
Rhetorical Situation Review (OWL Purdue)
OWL Rhetorical Situation PPT.ppt
October 20, 2017
SA1 (Linguistic Autobiography)
SA_1_Linguistic Autobiography.docx
Sequence 1October 5, 2017
SA1 Linguistic Autobiography Rubric
SA_1_Linguistic Autobiography Rubric.docx
Sequence 1October 17, 2017
SA2 Anzaldua Rhetorical Analysis OR Complex Metaphor
SA_2_Anzaldua Rhetorical Analysis.docx
Sequence 1October 16, 2017
SA2 Metaphor Example
SA_2_Rhetorical Metaphor Example.docx
Sequence 1October 17, 2017
SA3 One Page Expansion
SA3_One page expansion_2.docx
Sequence 1November 6, 2017
SA3/One Page Expansion Feedback
One Page Expansion Feedback.pptx
Sequence 1November 13, 2017