Excellence is a way of life!

Welcome to the world of Marketing.  Our classes are part of Career & Technical Education, meaning that what we learn in classes and through DECA will develop practical skills of value for a lifetime.  Formal learning is extensively enhanced through project work.  

Use of this site - Each class lesson is given using PowerPoint.  Individual Powerpoint presentations are then loaded in the Documents section for review.  Students missing class for any reason are responsible to view these presentations, take notes and complete any assignment contained.  Note pages are then to be included in a notebook folder which is turned in for grading at the time of the next written test. ...  You will also find a section for DECA.  Check it out for resources that will help you prepare for DECA competition!  Kentwood DECA - Conquer Your Future!

Courses and activities offered:

Marketing I-II - This is a year long course providing in-depth information about marketing and business.  This is our most popular course.  We now also offer this course with a Sports & Entertainment option, using that "lens" to view the subject.

Marketing III-IV - This year long course continues work from I-II but looks at marketing with an emphasis on Entrepreneurism, learning how to plan and execute your own business.  This is a heavily projects based course.

Marketing V-VI - Students who progress through the Marketing program and demonstrate excellence are given real-life experience in management and leadership of a business and its employees. 

Marketing Operations - Better known as Student Store.  The class operates as an actual registered WA State business, Conk Castle, marketing and selling a wide variety of products earning a profit for Kentwood ASB and Kentwood DECA.

DECA - This is an international association of marketing students.  Club members compete on a local, state and international level and host community service projects.  This student lead organization is a perfect enhancement to the Marketing program.

Kentwood Baseball - Mr. Zender is head coach of the Conqueror Baseball program.  For detailed information visit www.kentwoodbaseball.com

If you have questions about any of these programs, please come see Mr. Zender any time in Room 151.