STEM Kids at Hope Lighthouse School

More to come, but basically we believe that every child can learn, perform, and achieve at or above standard in our school.  We believe that effective STEM education builds student confidence and thus becomes an important facet of social emotional learning (SEL).  We're hoping to take this belief to the next level by helping our students believe that they can all achieve in a STEM career of their choosing.  When an elementary students sees that s/he can program a robot, build an electronic device, and operate a 3D printer then they begin to believe that they can do math and science.  Suddenly that math homework problem doesn't seem so bad.  In fact, I want to solve it because that's how I become an engineer in my dream field.  We hope to inspire this believe in every child as we look to become a place where every kid has hope for a brighter future, and knows that one possible passport to that bright future is STEM education.