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A Bit About Me
Posted by Gabrielle Blakemore on August 30, 2016 at 12:24pm

What name do you go by?

 Ms. Blakemore or Ms. B

What guardian should I contact when you excel in class or if you may be struggling?

 I am my own guardian so you can contact me.

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What are some things you hope to learn this year?

  1. Cool facts about all of my students 
  2.  More ways to combine engineering and chemistry
  3.  More science puns

Tell me a bit about your likes/dislikes in a class:

 I like when students ask questions that help challenge and expand how I see science.

I dislike being the only one talking. (No, you still can't talk over me.)


Tell me a bit about your hobbies:

 My hobbies include reading, crochet, playing board games, and talking about comics.

What is something you geek out about? Why?

Besides science (chemistry and physics in particular) I really geek out about comic books. I love the art, the stories, and the interesting people you meet when you read comics.


  What book and/or movie would you recommend to for me to go see/read asap? Why?

 Book: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

It is not the same as the movie! I, Robot is a collection of connecting short stories about a fictional rise of robotics, and is one of my favorite Sci-Fi books of all time.

Movie: Big Hero 6

One of the newer Disney films (I'm a bit of a Disney nerd too) I thought this film was super cute and both funny and sad.

Bonus! Comic- Lumberjanes

A quirky troop of girls at camp where there are some odd happenings. The characters are all a lot of fun and the plot leaves you waiting for the next issue with baited breath.


Before we get too far into the year, what are somethings I should know about you?

I love student questions

I’m often loud but rarely angry

Student safety is my first priority