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Posted by Gabrielle Blakemore on April 05, 2017 at 9:14am

Hello All
Today  I would like you to participate in  code activities. There are many activities to choose from. Please use headphones for any tutorial videos.
I expect for you to be engaged with them for the entire period. If it is reported that you were doing something other than the coding you will earn a tech infraction.
Plain Practice
Code Academy
Basic Games
Learn Python with a Penguin
Intermediate Games
If you have unity on your laptop you may use it
You may design in Scratch as well
If you do not have your laptop you must read silently for the period. If you do not have a book you must read one of the science books I have at the back of the room.
You may not use these sites in other classes!
Have a good day
Ms. Blakemore


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