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Starting Monday, May 4th until the end of the school year we will be changing how virtual school works.  Students will now be meeting weekly with teachers on a designated day and time.  These meetings will be done virtually using Microsoft Teams.  You should get a meeting request each week in your email.  The schedule is as follows:

1st Period-Mondays from 9:00-9:55 AM

2nd Period-Mondays from 10:00-10:55 AM

3rd Period-Tuesdays from 9:00-9:55 AM

4th Period-Tuesdays from 10:00-10:55AM

5th Period-Thursdays from 9:00-9:55 AM

6th Period-Thursdays from 10:00-10:55 AM

During these session attendance will be taken, history lessons will be taught, assignments will be given, and questions will be answered.  PLEASE MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO BE A PART OF THESE CLASS MEETINGS!