Assignments are entered into Skyward the day I assign it, and they post by the date due.  Please check Skyward for daily assignments.  (If you click on the assignment name in Skyward and there is a paperclip next to its name, then there is an attachment that you can open by clicking on the paperclip.) 

All daily assignments are to be completed and kept in a student's math spiral or on the assignment worksheet and kept in the student's binder.

To get full credit on assignments students must show their work!!!
Daily assignments are graded on a 5 point scale.  

  • 5 points: complete with work
  • 3 points: incomplete(at least half done) 
  • 0 points: missing, or less than half completed
  • Late work can be turned in until the Unit Test/Assessment for 3 points

Skyward reminder: 

  • An * means the assignment hasn't been checked in or graded yet.
  • If a student was absent the day of an assignment or the day an assignment was due, the assignment will show as a 0, but the student will still receive full credit for a complete assignment.
  • If you have questions about the status of an assignment, please contact me at