Please check Skyward for the daily assignments.  They are posted by the due date, and if there is a paperclip icon, then there is an attachment that you can open by clicking on the paperclip.   

All daily assignments are completed in a student's math spiral or on a task sheet.

To get credit on assignments students must show their work!!!

Assignments are graded 0 to 5 points.  
5 points: complete with work
3 points: incomplete(at least half done), incomplete work or late (turned in by unit/chapter test)
0:  missing or less than half completed

Skyward reminder:  an * means that I haven't entered the score in Skyward yet, it is not necessarily missing.
Absences: If a student was absent the day of the assignment, or was absent the day they were to turn the assignment in, the student needs to complete the assignment (for full credit).