7th Grade Science

June 17- Last day of school... :)

June 16- "Cleaning up" day

June 14-15 Finish testing Spaghetti Earthquake Towers.

June 13- Moving Up day for 8th graders and "Special Day" for 7th graders

June 7-10 Build your Spaghetti Tower Challenge

 May 23-27, 16

7th Grade Science

Current Unit- Earth Science

Entry Tasks are now done in the Pre-Scrapbook/ Probes book which stay at school

Celebration of Learning 5/27 (Friday)

Power Hour (Earth Science) powerpoint can be found on SWIFT. Please review for the Celebration of Learning.

**** Please study your notes and PowerPoints found on my swift site (documents to download) 


 May 3rd-12th

School wide SBA and MSP state testing(8th graders)

April 21-22


Public Science Fair Presentations in the science classrooms. 


April 11-15




Science Fair e-journals are due.




Science Fair display boards are due and presentations will begin.




March 25

PowerHour will be held this afternoon @ 6:00 pm. As usual we look forward to seeing you as we celebrate learning.



March 20
Happy Equinox!  
We are continuing our work on Classification and Evolution. We will assess learning on Friday April 1.
Any and all late work needs to be completed and turned in no later than MARCH 30th.
We are also working on our Science Fair, please keep up with due dates as this will be the last assignment that goes into the 3rd quarter grades. 
Also our PowerHour will be held on March 14th at 6pm.

March 14-18

What's due- The following sections of the SF project :

E-Journal with updated information:

Data table



Display Board proposal (8.5 x11) sheet of paper that is used to create a model of what your display board will look like. 

March 25th- 4 point conclusion (to be added to the E-journal and submitted to my inbox -6th period.



 March 6

Quick reminder that SF E-Journals are past due and is worth 40 points. Please review the SF rubric  for deadlines and due dates.

February 29-March 4th

The celebrating learning exam is Thursday March 3rd.

Continue to work on the Science Fair Project.

Next week we will look at organizing our SF boards. :)



February 22-26

As a class we will continue the unit on Genetics

Check the SF rubric for deadlines and due dates

PowerHour will be held in the commons on February 25th @6pm

No late process components will be accepted for points


Process Points                                                            Points Possible            Points Earned

Project Proposal Form

Returned on time and complete



Research in class

Positive participation in class, 2 days



Research the Problem, Explore Ideas, Plan Summary,   Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure

Needs to be typed in E Journal



Thumbnail Project Display

8.5x11 folded paper showing layout of your final science   fair board display



4 Point Conclusion

Need at least 2 different charts/graphs, one data driven,   the other pictorial.



Final E Journal due in Electronic In Box by March 3    8:35AM



                                                                                                    Process Points ______/140


February 8-12

Science Fair project proposals are due.

Please be reminded of the timeline in regards to the Science Fair Project!

Your grades will be affected if deadlines and due dates are missed as the science Fair project is a big percentage of your grade for 3rd quarter.

Please check your skyward and Ms. Saunders' swift for project due dates. Tab: Science Fair


Homework: Complete the evidence of learning and get your parents' signature for extra credit. These are due -Monday. 

Semester 2 requires that you have a new journal as you will soon run out of room in the old one. We will set up your new journals in class as the case may be. 


Wednesday- next week Monday

Science Fair proposals are due:  THIS Friday the (8th)

have learning targets glued into your journals

complete the vocabulary words, pictures and definitions in the glossary of your journals


February 2nd Celebrating Exam on Cells

Please complete the Study Guide using the PowerHour, cells, osmosis and diffussion, cell processes and microscopes.   

Also study your journal  and lab notes.



January 18-22, 2016

Monday NO school -MLK Day.

Quiz on cell parts & functions, osmosis and diffusion and cell processes - Friday

January 11-15, 2016

Continue working on the cell city project.

Finish notes on swift, The cell ppt and the Osmosis and Diffusion ppt.


January 4-8th 2016

 Thursday's Homework

Complete the virtual Microscope note sheet. Complete the vocab in the back of your science journals.

Wednesday's Homework

 Notes from “all about cells” ppt, and Vocab -Finish at home – Due Friday.



Welcome Back! We will start our new unit on cells and microscopes in class today. Fun and learning, fun and more learning!  Science rocks!


Dec. 14-18.  The Human Body Unit Exam has been moved to Wednesday Dec. 16th

The Human Body Jeopardy Game can be found under the documents to download tab.


Friday's HW- To help review for the unit exam on the Human Body use the ppt on swift to complete your study guide / review packet. 

Thursday's HW- complete notes on the muscular system if you did not finish up in class.

 Tuesday's hw-  Read and take notes from the nervous system and brain ppt on swift. It is titled: 7th sci nervous system and brain ppt. 

Monday's HW- Finish up the virtual Frog dissection and complete the online brain activity.(The online brain activity sheet should be glued into your journals for review). 

UNIT Exam on the Human Body systems will be on Friday Dec. 11th. Please study using the PowerPoints on my swift page, your notes, graphic organizers, vocabulary words and handouts for this exam.

Next week, we will be spending Monday and Tuesday performing our Frog Dissection Lab in  class. This is a two day lab and I would recommend that students try to attend both labs so that they can gain the full learning experience.

Dec. 4-5

Please complete the Virtual Frog Dissection sheet that you will receive for Home Work this weekend. This needs to be completed by Monday in preparation for the actual lab.  This document can be found on my Swift site under virtual frog dissection lab. 


Dec. 1-3


Finish up notes on the Circulatory System. Continue working on the Systems Project.


Respiratory System Quiz- Thursday

Circulatory System  Quiz- Friday

Science Journals will be collected and graded on Thursday and Friday during the quiz.



 November 30-December 4

Hope your holiday went well! Thank you for attending the conferences. Wednesday Dec 2nd is a late start day. We will continue learning about the Human Body Systems and how the systems affect each other.  This project is due on Friday Dec.4th. Please see Swift for project directions and ppt.



November 23-27 Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Online Comparing Systems Project needs to be completed and submitted by Wednesday  I will resend the link to skyward.

Monday will be a regular school day.
Tuesday and Wed will have half days, Periods 1, 2 and 3 on Tuesday and Periods 4, 5 and 6 on Wednesday.
This week we will continue to work on The Human Body Systems. The Circulatory System.

Parent Student Teacher Conferences are on Tuesday Nov. 24th Bring your STUDENT so they can explain their progress.
It is very important your student completes assigned homework to be able to complete lab trials in class, make up at home can be difficult.


November 16-20

The quiz on the digestive system will be on Thursday. Please review your notes and PPT on swift. The quiz will cover the organs that make up the digestive system, the path that food travels through the digestive system. 

 Homework for this weekend is to finish up labeling the diagram of the respiratory system, adding our definitions and functions... This needs to be glued into our journals. 

November 9-13

Continue learning about the human body. We will begin with the digestive system.

Please use PowerPoints to complete your notes and make up missing work. 

October 29th

Metric and Measurement Unit Exam has been moved to Monday November 2nd.

October 28, 15

Reminder that your unit test will be on Friday. This Friday. Please complete the study guide, study from notes and view PowerPoints on my swift site. 




We will continue working on the Unit on measurements and Metrics.  Remember to go to Ms. Saunders' SWIFT site for PowerPoints.


October 5, 15

Homework is to finish up the Biodiversity Activity Sheet. Remember to use the link that was sent on Skyward to access the information needed for tonight's homework. Also use the PowerPoints on Swift as you review.

Ecology Unit Test on Wednesday. October 7th.


September 22, 15

Homework: finish up Biome posters (due at the start of the period) and to finish up the reflection on biomes sheet. 


September 21, 15

Just a reminder that open house will be starting at 6:00 pm on Thursday September 24th.  

If 7th graders want to take their laptops home with them on a daily basis, their parents must attend the Parent Laptop Safety Session and sign the Agreement Forms.


I look forward to meeting all of my parents at Open House.




September 14, 15

This week we will start a new unit. Intro to Ecology.

We will also have a lab demonstration on plants.  

September 8, 2015

Go to the documents tab to view the set up for the Science Journal PowerPoint.


This week we will working on getting our journals ready for science class.