8th Grade Science



June 16 Clean Up Day

June 14-15 testing of racers "The winners get it all..."

June 13- Moving Up Day....

June 10- Finish up Racers, Test Racers 

June 8-9 2 days of testing your racers in class

Final Exam for science 8.

May 23-26

Bridge Challenge continues with testing your bridges. Last day to work on bridges is today.

Engineering Mousetrap Racers  and competition will begin on Wednesday. Please remember to bring old/unused CDs and DVDs to class.

May 3-May 12

School wide SBA and MSP Exams

April 20-29

MSP Review

April 21-22

Public Science Fair Presentations in the science classrooms. 

April 11-15


Science Fair e-journals are due.


Science Fair display boards are due and presentations will begin.



March 20
Happy Equinox!  
We are continuing our work on Motion and Forces. We will assess learning on March 29 & 31.
Any and all late work needs to be completed and turned in no later than MARCH 29th.
We are also working on our Science Fair, please keep up with due dates as this will be the last assignment that goes into the 3rd quarter grades. 
Also our entry work PowerPoint for this week may need to be a little flexible as we will work outside on Monday if it is not raining. If raining we will switch a day or two as we wait for better weather.

March 14-18


What's due- The following sections of the SF project :


E-Journal with updated information:


Data table






Display Board proposal (8.5 x11) sheet of paper that is used to create a model of what your display board will look like. 


March 25th- 4 point conclusion (to be added to the E-journal and submitted to my inbox -6th period.



March 6
We have a new vocab PowerPoint for Motion and Forces Unit. This coming week we will study Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and review vocab.
Due Dates: MARCH 10 has 3 assignments due.
1. SF Thumbnail sketch (as shown in class), your 2 data tables (with data to date) and observations.
2. Motion and Forces Vocab flipbook.
3. Motion and Forces vocab in your Journal Glossary.


February 29-March 4

Continue working on the Science Fair Project. Next week we will look at organizing our SF display boards in class. :)

Heat Transfer assessment will be on March 2nd.  


February 22


We will start a short Heat Transfer Unit, 8 days and have a quiz on 3-2 Late Arrival day covering the content. Pay attention to Science Fair due dates to earn credit. Research (See requirements in your E Journal), Materials list and Procedures are due no later than Friday 2-26, Drop E Journal into the In Box provided online before your class period begins, we will not have time in class to do this. Plan ahead, the Electronic In Box is OPEN at this time! Our following unit is Motion and Forces - Unit assessment will be on Thursday, March 24th for your planning purposes as this is 1 day before Spring Break.



February 8-12 Structure of Matter Unit Assessment is Thursday, Feb. 11th.

                                           Science Fair project proposals are due!

The Unit exam on matter will be February 11th.

Homework: Prepare for the chapter 10 and 22 presentation on Monday. All group members must participate to receive a grade.

Some students will need new journals for the second semester as you will soon run out of room.

February 3-5

HW-Chapters 10 and 11 Group Project

Presentations will be on the 8th.

Science Fair Proposal is due by Friday February 5th.


January 25-30, 2016


Please bring to class 5-7 items for the Density Lab on Monday February 1st.

January 18-22, 2016

Monday is MLK Day-NO school

Thursday- Science Quiz. This will cover the atom, structure of matter and chemical bonding. 

Friday- Elemental Super-Hero project is due in class at the beginning of the period.


January 11-15, 2016

Finish taking notes on The Structure of Matter ppt on swift.


January 4-8, 2016

Wednesday's HW- finish the vocab necklaces- due Friday

                           "finish boiling point lab"- due tomorrow

Welcome Back! This week we will start an introduction to the next unit in our curriculum. In this unit will learn about matter and the properties of matter.


Dec. 14-18

Unit Assessment Dec. 16 & 17. Please review and study your scientific method using vocab words and definitions, notes, labs, and yellow cheat sheet.   


Students will continue to improve lab writing skills in class.

Monday's Homework: Finish writing up the Ice Water Lab in preparation for tomorrows lab trials. Missing assignments need to be submitted. 

 Thursday's HW- Rate of Decent Lab. This is due on Dec.16.


November 30-Dec 4

Wednesday Dec. 2nd is a Late Start Day.
Thank you to all who came to the conferences and especially the students, I realize that is not easy but I am proud of you!
Excellent Lab Writing packets are due Monday Nov. 30th. If you were absent Friday then you can get you packet Monday and is due Thursday, Dec. 3rd.
This week we will work on SCRAPS through #11 and Complete the Glow Stick Lab.





November 16-20

Homework is to finish up missing notes  and labs on SWIFT. Tomorrow we will start working on a packet to help you further understand the scientific method. 

Spaghetti lab will be tomorrow in class, finish up your lab sheet in preparation.

Vocab quiz on Friday. The quiz will cover the Scientific Method , An  introduction to Physical Science.  



Finish up notes on the Stacking Lab. SEE PowerPoint on My Swift.

November 9-13

We are learning about the scientific method and how it applies to investigations. Please use the CSI PowerPoint to help polish notes.



Space Unit Science Exam will be on Tuesday November 3rd.


October 27, 2015

Just a reminder, the presentation for your project is due on Friday. There is also an electronic version of the Operation Mars project on SWIFT so you can types directly into the document. It will need to be printed out and submitted with the rest of the packet. You will work in class as well as at home for homework.





As a class we will begin tidal movements. Please view PowerPoint on Swift if you are missing notes.    

October 5, 15

Homework for tonight-continue working on the solar system poster. Please color the planets and complete the boxes with physical features and or facts about each planet. Tomorrow in class we will continue with gas giants. The poster is due on Wednesday.


September 22, 2015

Homework is to :Write a short story (1 paragraph) in your journals about what happens at the equinoxes.

 September 14, 2015

Homework for today is to bring from home a toy or object that you think represents a system.



September 8, 2015

Go to the documents tab to view the set up for your Science Journal PowerPoint.

September 7, 2015

This week we will working on getting our journals ready for science class. Our first lab will be on Thursday. I am very excited and look forward to this time of fun and great learning!

 Please remember your notebooks for science.