Pre Algebra


June 17- Last day of school :)

June 16- Clean up Day

June 14-15- Share designs and presentations in class/ complete reflections 

June 13-Moving Up day for 8th Graders and special day for 7th

June 6-10  Makeover/ Designing a room/building project (research document and design) is due) using ratios, proportions, measurements and scale drawings  

May 23-26, 16

There will be a quiz on Ratios, Area and Perimeter this Wednesday.


May 3-12

School wide SBA Math Exams

April 20-29

SBA Exam Review

April 11-15

Intro to Chapter 6 - Ratio and Proportions.

Please download and save the chapter 6 online text. Found under documents to download- prealgebra.



March 28-April 1

Quiz- Monday March 28

Chapter 5 test- Thursday March 31 

March 21-25


Finish classwork problems

March 14-18

Please complete missing classwork to receive full points:


MC- 19-25



March 6

Chapter 4 exam will be on Tuesday March 8th. 


Homework/classwork: Finish up GC 40-52 in your math notebooks if you have not already done so.

There will be a notebook check on Wednesday March 2nd.

Quiz will be on Thursday March 4th.

Chapter 4 test will be on Tuesday March 8th.


February 22-26

We will continue with chapter 4.

Using algebra tiles to model the distributive property

How to combine like terms using algebra tiles 


GC 28 and GC 30

Finish up all incomplete  classwork. Highlight questions that posed a problem to be discussed the following day.

February 8-12

Continue working on Chapter 4 (algebraic expressions in class).

Homework Friday Feb 5th: Complete  the factoring WS, LCM and GCF .


February 3-5


We will start chapter four in our text books.


January 25-30, 2016

Please complete the review packet which is due on Monday February 1st.

HW and extra practice problems to help with review

MD-111, 102, 103,104, 115, 122, 123, 126. 

Chapter 3 test is on Tuesday February 2nd.


January 18-22, 2016

Monday- NO school. MLK Day


January 11-15, 2016


Monday's HW:

Home Work: order from least to greatest the following:


                        2/3, ¼, 2/5, 1/8, 3/5, 7,8


January 4th, 2016

Thursday's Homework: What is the LCM of 20 and 4 ?

Wednesday's Homework: What is the least common multiple (LCM) of 8 and 6?

Welcome back! We are going to start the introduction to probability which is covered in chapter 3. This will take up most of the week. 

Reminders: You are now able to download the online version of chapter 3.

                 I have also added new links to help with math homework and  practice games so... Check out "Math Links".

Dec. 14-18

Friday December 18th is the last day of school before the Christmas Holidays.

Reminders:- Submit any missing assignments including review packets no later than Wednesday December 16th.

Dec 7-11

Chapter 2 test has been moved to Monday Dec. 14th.


Tuesday's Home work: Finish review packet to be submitted in class. Also please study for the chapter 2 test on Friday. Please use your text book, your notes, and your foldable. You will receive a test review packet in class tomorrow to help you prepare.

Reminder I-Ready testing on Monday and Tuesday.  The chapter test has been moved to a date after the I-Ready tests.

Please continue to work on the review packet  and home work questions as you prepare for the quiz, that will be completed this week wednesday.


Dec 1-4

Homework for Thursday>Prepare for the Integer Quiz tomorrow.

Finish the review packet and in class practice questions that were given  (see Tuesday's HW)

Tuesday's through Thursday's HW:  

Practice packet in integers.

FT 99, 100, 115, 118,119, 120, 121, 122 Don't forget to create your graphs and tables where required.

Quiz on Friday

Math Journals will be collected and graded on Friday during the quiz.

November 30-December 4

Hope your holiday went well! Thank you for attending the conferences. Wednesday Dec 2nd is a late start day.

This week we will finish up multiplication  and division of integers.  On Friday we will have a quiz which will cover all that you have learned about integers.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, absolute values and Division, as well as creating and determining data tables and graphs.

On the following Wednesday you will have a test on Chapter 2.

Monday's HW:-FT 109, FT 110, FT 111



November 23-27 Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Homework for Monday Nov.23.

For those who did not submit the integer addition poem assignment:  Complete the adding integers poem 

For those who did. great job! and for tonight complete FT 60, 61, 62,a,b,c in your notebooks.




Monday will be a regular school day. Tuesday and Wed will have half days, Periods 1, 2 and 3 on Tuesday and Periods 4, 5 and 6 on Wednesday. This week we will continue to work on Integers. In class we will start a foldable on Integer Operations to help us throughout the unit.


Parent Student Teacher Conferences are on Tuesday Nov. 24th Bring your STUDENT so they can explain their progress. It is very important your student completes assigned homework to be able to keep up with the class, make up at home can be difficult.



November 16-20

The focus will be on learning about integers (chapter 2 of your test books).

Homework: Complete the ws on locating integers on a number line. 

                  Finish up a and b of FT 12. Remember to plot your graph using your completed table. 

 November 9-13

We will continue to learn about integers and review graphing. We will introduce using algebra tiles as a tool to help with the computation of equations in class. 

Homework: Thursday Nov. 12

Calculate the following: 6.1-1.536 (in your notebooks) Make sure your note books are up to date as they will be collected tomorrow.



October 28, 15

I have moved your test to Monday November 2. If you complete your review packet you should do well.  



October 19-23, 15

This week we will continue to work with reviewing fractions and percentages. We will start a new topic on using data to make inferences.


 October 5, 15

This week we will continue to learn about different types of sampling. Biased and unbiased sampling. Homework is to complete questions 1-5 of the identifying biased and unbiased activity sheet.

September 24, 2015

Online Textbook link . This link provides resources to your textbook.


Additional resources to help with homework.


A Link to Math reference tables


September 22, 2015

Tomorrow we will continue to look at examples of random samples.

Homework: Finish Tuesday's Homework sheet for tomorrow's class. 


September 21-25, 15

Tomorrow will be a quiz on mean, mode, range, etc.

This week we will start a new unit. Introduction to Probability and Statistics.

See Notebook setup PowerPoint  on the documents tab


September 14 and 15th

This week for the first 2 days students will be taking the I-ready test in class. Please come prepared with your ear buds/headphones. 

September 7, 2015


This week we will continue to work on Mean, Mode, and related topics. Please remember to have your notebooks, graph books, textbooks and toolkits available for class.