Welcome to World History and Culture! 

Please read below to find the best spot to find assignments, resources, due dates and grades. If you have questions about grading, ask her... and be afraid!


Overview of the day's lessons, Assignments, Homework, Tips Etc.- "What we did in class today" Blog! I've dedicated myself to keeping this up-to-date this year, although between teaching, grading, planning, helping after and before school, getting sick, and any of my 3 children getting sick, it's sometime hard! Hopefully, I'll give you directions here that will point you in the right direction.

Class Lectures or Documents:  Check in the Documents section of SWIFT. If there is something that we used in class that is not there, send me a quick email and I will attach it.

Digital Assignments, Rubrics, Assignment Sheets etc.- These you can find in the documents section. HOWEVER, this section can get quite crowded and confusing. So, if you are in doubt as to which document we're using, SKYWARD is still the best place to check. Here are the Steps:

First, in either class view or calendar view, click on the assignment.

Assignment View.jpg Calendar View.png 


THEN, click on Show Assignment Details.

Assignment Details.jpg

Finally, click on the paperclip for attachments. I will attach a digital copy of any paper or digital copy I have provided in class.

Assignment Details View.jpg


 Due Dates: SKYWARD is the best place to find this information. Please note that the calendar view locates assignments on the day they are due, NOT on the day they are assigned. So, I would suggest looking forward with your students to find upcoming assignments and allotting time to complete the assignment steps. Note: I will ALWAYS build in steps to completing large assignments. Smaller, short term due dates will be provided to parents in assignment sheets and via email updates.


 Useful links: If there are specifics website that I want students to access for a particular assignment or research project, I will either hyperlink to that site from the assignment sheet OR provide them a digital document with helpful sites.