Welcome to the Panther Lake Library!!!

Sarah Stoddard
Library Media Specialist and Technology Specialist 
(253) 373-3250

Shelly Parrott
Library Paraprofessioanl
(253) 373-3257


   Panther Lake Library Rules

1.  The library is used by everyone in the school, so remember to pick up after yourself.
2.  We love having students in the library, please come in quietly and use your soft indoor voice.
3.  Books are very expensive, so please have clean hands when reading or touching a book, and there is NO food or gum allowed in the library.
4.  Always use a shelf marker when previewing a book.
5.  Each book has a home, please put it back where you found it if you don’t want to check it out.  Make sure the book’s spine is showing and it is not standing on its head.
6.  When you have chosen books to check out, it is your job to take care of the books and return them when they are due.  If you need more time with a book, please renew it when visiting the library.
7.  Please push in your chair when you leave and put away any magazines, pick up scrap paper, and leave the library cleaner than you found it.
8.  Please follow the BLTS expectations while in the library (B = Behavior, L = Line, T = Tables, S = Shelf Markers).
9.  The computers in the library are for book searches and doing special projects assigned by your teacher.
10.  Your library contract must be signed before you may check out books.
11.  Kindergarten and first graders are allowed to check out one book per week, and second through sixth graders are allowed to check out two per week.