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Hello Third Graders & Parents,    

              Welcome to third grade! My name is Melissa Stoops and I can’t wait to begin a new school year as your third-grade teacher! This will be my second year at Ridgewood, I previously taught in Texas and California and even spent a semester teaching overseas in the Kingdom of Tonga.  My family and I moved here to Washington (from Waco, Texas) last year (just in time for “Snowmaggedon 2019”). After an unusual Spring, I can’t wait to start our new virtual classroom this fall!

My husband Jonathan and I will have been married for 20 years in July. We have three adventurous children; Jackson (14), Ian (12), and Avery (9).  We love travelling, reading, outdoor adventures, sports, and watching movies (we really love good stories!).

I’m originally from Arroyo Grande, California. I attended California Baptist University where I earned a degree in Elementary Education and played varsity soccer.  Some of my favorite things are travelling and trying new foods and adventures (I have visited a dozen different countries and hope to add more to the list soon)! One of my favorite things to do when travelling is to visit art museums (oh, and see plays)! I always notice two things when I travel…beauty is EVERYWHERE and people are so uniquely AMAZING! Another thing about me is that I seem to keep collecting plants. I like to make up new baking recipes and eat my husband’s BBQ (the food he cooks- not the actual grill : ). I can’t wait to explore more of the Pacific Northwest- its natural beauty makes my heart HAPPY : )!

Third grade is such an important year! We will learn and grow together! I love to ignite a sense of wonder in all my students. Our *virtual* classroom will be a safe and encouraging space for all of us to try new things, make new friends, and succeed together.  The world is a big, beautiful, exciting place and our classroom is a window to that world.  There is something new we can all learn each day!  My hope is that each of you will bring a mind full of wonder and a caring heart when you “arrive” in September. I can’t wait to meet you all!




Mrs. Stoops

Wisdom begins in wonder

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