Hi Families!

This week we did a practice expository essay to get ready for next week!  We have 3 big writing assessments in 6th grade (Narrative-Fall, Expository-Winter, Argumentative-Spring).  These assessments make up a large portion of their writing grade.  If you are wondering why you haven't seen the narrative come home, there is a reason. :) I like to keep them and show you at conferences how their fall and winter (narrative and expository) compare so we can see and talk about their improvement (or lack of) in order to make goals for the rest of the year.  They work very hard on these assessments, so you will probably be hearing about it! :)

In February there will be a Future Timberwolves meeting to help 6th graders this year know what to expect for next year.  I attached the flyer with all the information.  Please ask if you have any questions!

We are about halfway through the year and I am noticing some kids are running out of school supplies (or have lost them).  Please touch base with your child to see if they need any supplies.  The biggest one is pencils!!!  If you are able or would like to donate some to the supply box, it would be appreciated!

Thanks for everything you do!

Mrs. Brown :)