Hi families!

We just finished our Hero's Journey stories last week and I have to say, wow!  As they were working on them, I was very excited at what I was seeing overall and am looking forward to reading them! 

We are starting our first of 3 assessments for the year this week!  Narrative is the first one and we will be studying about the Dust Bowl of 1935.  They will be learning facts first and then choosing a character and perspective to write a narrative story about.  This is called Narrative Non-fiction and is the same style of writing as Lauren Tarshis who writes all the I Survived stories!  This will be fun!!

A few reminders...

1. Please remember to sign all the camp Waskowitz paperwork and get it turned in soon!  The deadline is Oct. 26th. 

2.  We are having our Harvest Party this Friday afternoon.  Here is the Sign-Up Genius link to bring something for the party! 


3.  If you are interested in helping out with Art once a month, please let me know! We are in need of helpers.  Thanks!