Hi Families!

This past week we learned all about blogging and looked at some great kid bloggers!  Mrs. Walker's daughter, Kendall, is hiking around the world right now and has her own blog!  We will be following her over the next couple of months to see writing in action in "real life".  We will also be doing a "blog journal" at camp about our own adventures coming up!

Next week is camp!!!!  We are all very excited about this and there is a lot to do to get ready.  So, if you have any questions please let me or Mrs. Walker know and we will do our best to answer them.  If you have any medications for your child that have not been brought to school for camp, PLEASE bring them on Monday so the nurse can get everything in order before we leave.  Below in Bold is the same information that your child has in their Eagle Messenger this week, but we wanted you to have one more. :)

The next homework will not be due until November 16th (Friday) because of camp. 

Mrs. Brown




1.  School on Tuesday, November 6th will begin at the usual time and it is a MUSIC DAY . Please bring your instrument and Orchestra Practice Calendar (Orchestra students) with you. Instruments will be locked in cupboards in the locked classrooms and can be taken home after school next Tuesday. Nothing else should be brought to school that day that you are not taking with you to camp.

2.   REMEMBER a disposable sack lunch & water bottle for Tuesday’s lunch at Waskowitz.

3.   Label EVERYTHING you’ll be bringing with you. Put your name and SW on the outside of your luggage and sleeping roll—duct tape works great! ?

4.   When you arrive at school, put your instrument in its usual place, and then find the sign with Mrs. Brown’s name or Mrs. Walker’s name in the Commons and neatly put your camp gear there.

5.    Students will need to be picked up on Friday, November 9th between 12:15 -12:30. Please check your student out with one of the teachers before leaving. ?