6th graders and their families,

We are still in the beginning of the school year and we have some exciting things in store for you! Let's first start by sharing some of the things we've accomplished so far this year.

Take a look at what we have already done in the first 2 months:

  • Math - Made it through 3 chapters in Algebra! That's right, we are on a roll and are beginning on chapter 4.
  • Open House - This was great opportunity to get know the classroom, the teacher and each other.
  • Conferences - We were able to get together and talk about learning goals and where we want to be by January.
  • Writing - Student's are almost running out of room in their writing journals with all of the topics we've covered so far during our morning meetings.
  • Reading - We have read many stories so far this year. Some examples are, "100 Dresses," "Thank you, Mr. Falker," and "The Name Jar," as well as countless other stories focused around themes, central ideas, and supporting details.
  • Music - We all have our instruments and voices and have been practicing to make beautiful music
  • Sceince - We have so far accomplished many projects in our FOSS models and designs kit
  • Social Studies - Students have worked hard to put together their projects on our neighboring country, Mexico.


Stay tuned for what's in store!


Mr. Cole