Battle of the Books


Scenic Hill's 2016 Winning Team: The Olympians

Ms. Sumner's Class: Aisha, Teresa, Julio, Rogelio, and Jon


Battle of the Books is a district-wide competition for 4th-6th graders. Students work on a team with 4-5 other students to answer questions about specific books. Teams first compete against the other teams in their classroom. The winning team then competes with the other winning teams in their grade band.  The grade level winners then compete with the winning grade level teams during an assembly.  Finally the school winning team competes at the district-wide competition at Grass Lake Elementary.  It's a very fun competition that encourages students to read different genre or books and be a team player.

Students are encouraged to start reading now.  Teams will be formed in January and the first competiton starts in the spring.  Below are the books for the competition.  Since students are competing as a team, it isn't expected for them to read all of the titles but as many as they can.